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XK K110S Model - 6CH Brushless 3D6G RC Helicopter with BNF Mode 2 - Compatible with FUTABA S-FHSS for Avid Hobbyists

Jelenlegi ár 63.400 Ft
Eredeti ár 78.500 Ft
Eredeti ár 78.500 Ft - Eredeti ár 91.500 Ft
Eredeti ár 78.500 Ft
63.400 Ft - 68.300 Ft
Jelenlegi ár 63.400 Ft
  Ingyenes 3-8 Nap Nyomon követett kézbesítés     Könnyű 30 napos visszatérítés  
Battery Quantity: with 1 Battery

Kiszállítás és kézbesítés

Általában 24 órán belül kiszállításra kerül.
Ingyenes 3-8 munkanap EU-s nyomon követett kézbesítés.


Ez a termék megfelel a 30 napos visszaküldési szabályzatunknak.

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Introducing the WLtoys XK K110S RC Helicopter

Experience the thrill of flying with the WLtoys XK K110S RC helicopter, a high-quality remote-controlled aircraft designed for both beginners and experienced users. With its advanced features and sleek design, this RC helicopter offers a fun and exciting flying experience for hobbyists of all levels.

Impressive Design and Material

The K110S helicopter boasts a striking red color and is made from durable ABS material. With a blade diameter of 245mm, body length of 240mm, and tail rotor diameter of 36mm, this RC helicopter is designed for optimal performance and stability.

Six-Axis Gyroscope and Powerful Motor

Equipped with a six-axis gyroscope, the K110S offers exceptional stability and responsiveness in flight, making it ideal for beginners. The 1106 brushless motor provides strong power, ensuring an exhilarating flying experience for all users. Additionally, the 3.7V 450mAh battery allows for 5-7 minutes of working time after a charging time of approximately 50-60 minutes.

Feature-Rich Remote Controller

The 2.4GHz mode 2 remote controller offers 6 channels, allowing for precise control over the RC helicopter. Switch between 3D and 6G modes to utilize both electronic 3-axis and 6-axis gyroscopes, providing unparalleled control and stability. The controller also includes special features such as a large-screen LCD display, low voltage alarm, 3D special effects IDLE switch, and throttle hold TH.HOLD switch.

Customizable Hover Point and Aerobatics Capability

The K110S RC helicopter allows for customizable hover points, enabling users to set their desired hovering point as per their requirements. In 3D mode, this helicopter is capable of performing stunning aerobatics, including rolls, inverted flights, hurricanes, and pendulums, thanks to its responsive 3-axis gyroscope.

Convenient Charging and Accessories

The package includes a dedicated USB charger capable of charging two batteries simultaneously, ensuring you'll always have a backup ready. In addition to the helicopter, the package also includes gears, tools, manuals, batteries, blades, tail rotors, chargers, screws, and an original box for storage.

Package Contents

  • 1x K110S helicopter
  • 1x USB Charger
  • 1x Gear
  • 1x Tool
  • 1x Manual
  • 1x Battery
  • 3x Blade
  • 1x Tail rotor
  • 2x Charger
  • 1x Phillips round head tapping screw
  • 2x Hexagon socket head machine screw
  • 1x Original Box
  • 1x Hexagon socket head machine screw

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