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iFlight Baby Nazgul63 - 1S 63mm SucceX F4 Tiny FPV Racing Drone with 5A AIO Whoop V2 and Runcam Nano Camera - Perfect for Indoor and Outdoor Enthusiasts

Jelenlegi ár 78.100 Ft
Eredeti ár 107.300 Ft
Eredeti ár 86.200 Ft - Eredeti ár 113.400 Ft
Eredeti ár 107.300 Ft
68.300 Ft - 92.300 Ft
Jelenlegi ár 78.100 Ft
  Ingyenes 3-8 Nap Nyomon követett kézbesítés     Könnyű 30 napos visszatérítés  
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Receiver: ELRS 2.4GHz

Kiszállítás és kézbesítés

Általában 24 órán belül kiszállításra kerül.
Ingyenes 3-8 munkanap EU-s nyomon követett kézbesítés.


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Introducing the iFlight Baby Nazgul63 Racing Drone

Experience adrenaline-pumping flight adventures with the iFlight Baby Nazgul63! This 63mm 1S FPV Racing Drone is designed with an ultra-light frame, powerful motor, and advanced flight control system, making it perfect for thrill-seekers and drone enthusiasts. Take off with the Baby Nazgul63 and enjoy seamless aerial acrobatics and impressive flight control.

High-Quality Construction and Design

The Baby Nazgul63 features a wheelbase of 63mm, a frame arm thickness of 1.5mm, and an upper plate thickness of 1mm. Its compact dimensions measure 68.1x61.5mm, and it has a weight of 29.2g, without the battery, optimizing its flight capabilities.

SucceX F4 1S 5A AIO Whoop V2 Flight Controller

Equipped with the SucceX F4 1S 5A AIO Whoop V2 flight controller, this drone offers incredible stability and precision. The controller has a super light weight of only 4.8g and can handle 1S power supply. Its STM32F411 MCU and MPU6000 Gyro ensure optimal performance, while the built-in VTX and support for BLHeliSuite programmable features make this drone the top choice for both beginners and experienced pilots.

Powerful XING Nano 0802 22000 Motor

The Baby Nazgul63 is powered by XING Nano 0802 22000 Motor, with a 9N12P configuration, 2mm stator diameter, and a 1mm shaft. This high-performance motor has dimensions of 11.4*9.1mm and a weight of 2.2g, including the 30mm wire plug, providing excellent power-to-weight ratio for impressive flight performance.

GEMFAN 35mm 1.4 Inch 3-Blade Propellers

For smooth and responsive control, the Baby Nazgul63 comes with GEMFAN 35mm 1.4 Inch 3-Blade Propellers. These propellers are crafted from durable PC material, with a pitch of 0.6-inch, a prop disk diameter of 35mm, a center thickness of 4.5mm, and a center hole with an inner diameter of 1mm. Weighing only 0.32g each, they ensure your drone maintains its agility and responsiveness in the air.

Recommended Lipo Battery

To power the Baby Nazgul63, we recommend using a 1S 300mAh Lipo battery with a PH2.0 connection (not included).

What's in the Package

The package includes your very own iFlight Baby Nazgul63 1S FPV Drone, ready for action and excitement in the sky!

Product Specifications

SucceX F4 1S 5A AIO Whoop V2
Power supply: 1S
Super light only 4.8g
Gyro: MPU6000
Support BLHeliSuite programmable
5A continuous current
Built-in VTX
XING Nano 0802 22000 Motor

Configuration: 9N12P
Stator Diameter: 2mm
Shaft: 1mm

Dimension: 11.4*9.1mm

Weight: 2.2g (with 30mm wire plug)

GEMFAN 35mm 1.4 Inch 3-Blade Propeller

( Link)

Material: PC
Pitch: 0.6inch
Prop Disk Diameter: 35mm/ 1.4inch
Center Thickness: 4.5mm
Center Hole Inner diameter: 1mm
Blades: 3 blades
Weight: 0.32g

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