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Foxeer Foxwhoop 35 - 4S FPV Racing RC Drone Analog Version, RHCP w/2105.5 3650KV Motor PNP/BNF - Perfect for Drone Enthusiasts and Racing Hobbyists

Jelenlegi ár 198.700 Ft
Eredeti ár 263.300 Ft
Eredeti ár 228.800 Ft - Eredeti ár 295.800 Ft
Eredeti ár 263.300 Ft
190.200 Ft - 207.200 Ft
Jelenlegi ár 198.700 Ft
  Ingyenes 3-8 Nap Nyomon követett kézbesítés     Könnyű 30 napos visszatérítés  
Nincs raktáron
Nincs raktáron
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Receiver: ELRS 2.4GHz

Kiszállítás és kézbesítés

Általában 24 órán belül kiszállításra kerül.
Ingyenes 3-8 munkanap EU-s nyomon követett kézbesítés.


Ez a termék megfelel a 30 napos visszaküldési szabályzatunknak.

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Introducing Foxeer Foxwhoop 35 Analog Version

Discover the Foxeer Foxwhoop 35, a high-quality, lightweight drone that offers remarkable performance and durability. Made from Toray T700 carbon material with silky coating, this drone is designed to deliver excellent performance without compromising its structure. With various features and specifications, the Foxwhoop 35 is perfect for enthusiasts and professionals alike. Explore the world of drone flying with the Foxwhoop 35 today!

Exceptional Carbon Frame

The Foxwhoop 35 is built with a sturdy and lightweight Material: Foxeer Whoop 35 Toray T700 carbon frame that has a silky coating. This ensures that your drone can withstand impact and remain agile during flight. The wheelbase measures 142mm, providing a stable and solid structure for your flights.

Versatile Bottom Plate Mounting

With options for both 20x20mm and 25.5x25.5mm M2 bottom plate mounting holes, the Foxwhoop 35 is designed to accommodate various mounting options. This flexibility allows you to customize your drone setup and optimize it for specific flights and environments.

Powerful AIO System

Equipped with a Foxeer 45A Reaper AIO V3, the Foxwhoop 35 offers efficient power and smooth flight control. This advanced AIO system provides a reliable and responsive flight experience, ensuring that your drone remains stable and agile at all times.

High-Quality Components

Featuring top-of-the-line components, the Foxwhoop 35 ensures optimum performance and longevity. The Dalprop New Cyclone T3528 Props and Datura 2105.5 T Mount 3650KV Motors enable fast and agile movements, while the Toothless Nano Camera captures stunning visuals. The Lollipop 4+ 150mm ufl tube RHCP Antenna ensures a strong signal transmission, while the 12mm motor mount provides a secure and comfortable fit.

VTx and Recommended Battery

The Foxwhoop 35 features a Foxeer Reaper Nano Analog VTx that offers a reliable signal transmission for optimum control and a 4S recommended battery for efficient power usage and longer flight times. Please note that the battery is not included in the package.

Lightweight Design

With an approximate weight of 250g (without battery), the Foxwhoop 35 is a lightweight drone that offers excellent mobility and flight performance. This makes it perfect for both casual and professional use, as well as various types of flights and environments.

Package Included

The Foxwhoop 35 package comes with:

  • 1* Foxeer Foxwhoop 35 Whoop Analog Version

Get ready to experience the world of drone flying like never before with the Foxwhoop 35 Analog Version!

Product Specifications


Foxeer Whoop 35 Toray T700 carbon with silky coating
Wheelbase 142mm
Bottom plate mounting hole 20x20/25.5x25.5mm M2
AIO Foxeer 45A Reaper AIO V3
Props Dalprop New Cyclone T3528
Camera Toothless nano
Motor Datura 2105.5 T Mount 3650KV
Antenna Lollipop 4+ 150mm ufl tube RHCP
Motor Mount 12mm
VTx Foxeer Reaper Nano Analog
Recommended Battery 4S
Approximate Weight(without battery) About 250g

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