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Bakeey Pure - Universal Lightweight Washable Soft Liquid Silicone Wrist Strap for Camera, Mobile Phone, Anti-lost Lanyard - Ideal for iPhone Users to Prevent Loss

Jelenlegi ár 8.200 Ft
Eredeti ár 10.200 Ft
Eredeti ár 10.200 Ft - Eredeti ár 11.800 Ft
Eredeti ár 10.200 Ft
8.200 Ft - 8.200 Ft
Jelenlegi ár 8.200 Ft
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Color: Black

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Discover the Blend of Durability and Fashion

Embrace uniqueness with our hand lanyards, blending durability with style. Embellished with colorful ropes, our lanyards not only offer you a fashionable accessory but also a comfortable one. Dreamed up with a blend of vivid colors, our lanyards add a splash of style to your accessories.

Quality Thread End Stitching

The thread end of our lanyards is expertly woven using high tenacity silk material. This quality weaving gives the lanyards an exceptional abrasion resistance. Rest assured, this lanyard is far from easy to break and flaunts an appealing look.

Eco-friendly Liquid Silicone Material

As a brand that cares for the environment, our lanyards are made from environmental liquid silicone material. This material ensures that no matter whether you hang it on your palms or wrists, it won't cut into your hands. Enjoy not just the style but also the extreme comfort.


  • Brand: Bakeey
  • Strap Length: approximately 14cm
  • Material: Liquid Silicone
  • Colors Available: Black, White, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Red

What's in the Package?

Each package comes with a silicone anti-lost lanyard, a perfect blend of style and safety for your accessories.

Product Specifications

Brand Bakeey
Strap Length about 14cm
Material Liquid Silicone
Color Black, White, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Red
Package Included 1* silicone anti-lost lanyard

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